The Bimanual Actions Dataset is a collection of 540 RGB-D videos, showing subjects perform bimanual actions in a kitchen or workshop context. The main purpose for its compilation is to research bimanual human behaviour in order to eventually improve the capabilities of humanoid robots.

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The Dataset in Numbers

Some facts about the Bimanual Actions Dataset.

Subjects 6 subjects (3 female, 3 male; 5 right-handed, 1 left-handed)
Tasks 9 tasks (5 in a kitchen context, 4 in a workshop context)
Recordings 540 recordings in total (6 subjects performed 9 tasks with 10 repetitions)
Playtime 2 hours and 18 minutes, or 221 000 RGB-D image frames
Quality 640 px × 480 px image resolution; 30 fps (83 recordings are at 15 fps due to technical issues)
Actions 14 actions (idle, approach, retreat, lift, place, hold, stir, pour, cut, drink, wipe, hammer, saw, and screw)
Objects 12 objects (cup, bowl, whisk, bottle, banana, cutting board, knife, sponge, hammer, saw, wood, and screwdriver)
Annotations Actions fully labelled for both hands individually; 5 413 frames labelled with object bounding boxes


If you use the KIT Bimanual Actions Dataset, please consider citing our corresponding work.

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