In the following sections you can download the RGB-D dataset, derived data, Yolo files, and relevant documents. Clicking the icon will redirect you to the relevant part in the information page for an overview on the corresponding data format or other relevant information.

Bimanual Manipulation Tasks Datasets

Ground truth for bimanual manipulation tasks for researching temporal task models.

File Updated Size SHA256 hash
"Make muesli"-task (Action+Object ground truth, bimanual) 03 Mar 2022 30.2 KiB 179c99da7b416e2c0780b07fb8620d707dbd3c351dccd2177bc78418a25fd62c
"Disassemble motor"-task (Action+Object ground truth (bimanual, synthetic) 03 Mar 2022 70.6 KiB bd8306ceca43b79c364190d0585f7618e213d6195188212fdd5eb2cedf73a377
"Clean table"-task (Action+Object ground truth (synthetic) 03 Mar 2022 3.3 KiB caed96b9a913c0c91cfd28137d442a496eb23b22427e12101eefc2960ba0405d
"Clean table"-task (Action+Object ground truth (evaluation set, synthetic) 03 Mar 2022 3.5 KiB 32f40596ca1f5271a5535cd26d52b693887621abe4f976b5cf86acafd5fb9740

Bimanual Actions RGB-D Dataset

The RGB-D dataset split on individual subjects and annotations.

File Updated Size SHA256 hash
RGB-D videos part 1/6 (subject 1) 03 Jan 2020 13.8 GiB 57139511f25ecefcba6499ef0969cea3f29ead09fff8cfaad98a1c6e5063298c
RGB-D videos part 2/6 (subject 2) 03 Jan 2020 12.3 GiB b64fb15cb9ea23ae3d7968379fe71ea07dcf29244be4806af222143667a666c9
RGB-D videos part 3/6 (subject 3) 03 Jan 2020 17.9 GiB f51124c21fa05ac459560e43758cf8fcb42ba2db00bb086f851533fac2613c51
RGB-D videos part 4/6 (subject 4) 03 Jan 2020 15.7 GiB a4e3ecfbdd090015fa7f99c4da155ed8cd6efdb5d0486c400cc7aaf159c88425
RGB-D videos part 5/6 (subject 5) 03 Jan 2020 14.5 GiB 60608ee04b45a0d6b26cfdb86577e7bd90d1d65c39569dee1df7b8bea1ebb33f
RGB-D videos part 6/6 (subject 6) 03 Jan 2020 19.0 GiB d9a64213b06e9c914bfcf6ddefed582a4d9c3997561916e5c246120d3d00480b
Action ground truth (all subjects, both hands) 20 Aug 2019 206.9 KiB 0624c16ffe733ad57cea43620545801bba91881ec1e6a10b4118aee37c6ce0e0
Camera normalisation (all recordings) 20 Aug 2019 784.0 B 1517f25e59caa35df632afaade5584493b5d6e244e263e98313ae880edd3d20a

Bimanual Actions Dataset, Appendix: Derived Data

Data which was derived from the RGB-D dataset, like human pose or object bounding boxes. Each downloadable file contains the information of all subjects.

File Updated Size SHA256 hash
2D human body pose (OpenPose) 20 Aug 2019 267.9 MiB e0978fb88f94a97ea61826c40e0b4e74f8ec088c5fb0bc8ddade734a2ac3193f
2D human hand pose (OpenPose) 20 Aug 2019 406.2 MiB 3998cb654e7c38e640ffc035b26dffc44a8cc4bc1a8b15fc0bc4b3afe96dc58e
2D object bounding boxes (Yolo) 20 Aug 2019 174.7 MiB ccc909149a6b363419a8fa3ef0f984e4cc5181efeb36f9f9c6cb52ed5b0b5414
3D object bounding boxes 20 Aug 2019 298.2 MiB c4218502a10550888c1d864e8055fa675e5362f3f1f0d81f3e4f251f4a0cdf92
3D spatial relations 20 Aug 2019 160.2 MiB 621fef3a0d310c7279ac33c4eb70d1ae1b446a7bc9a2fc18bd28d19b05098fed

Bimanual Actions Dataset, Appendix: Yolo Model

Data related to Yolo as object detection framework. To label of the dataset, Yolo_mark was used.

File Updated Size SHA256 hash
Object detection dataset (images & ground truth) 20 Aug 2019 679.0 MiB a5e4f2f6918edfbbda7c30e1c719678223fc5c83c3938344cc4f15ea95cc379f
Yolo environment for training (includes dataset) 03 Jan 2020 823.4 MiB 24ce83b898a61cbc5d523db3a64fa154a3249c14824844467160d59b8f5c5d75
Yolo environment for execution (weightfile and network conf. only) 03 Jan 2020 219.2 MiB 1835cfdaf352931ed335301caaf4bb573515ba77a91e87811f3392e671539877


Relevant documents for this dataset.

File Updated Size SHA256 hash
Original briefing document 20 Aug 2019 83.6 KiB 44296b1c45b09b647b3c72c12f03dee590e39325cf17a5ca213c137d4f34d200